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Why do you need Facebook subscriptions

Why it is necessary and important to have a lot of subscribers.

It"s no secret that the more subscribers you have, the more new ones subscribe. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, each subscriber has friends, followers with whom they share information, including information that you publish in your profile, and therefore their subscribers (friends) can see and be interested in your publications and become your subscriber.

Secondly, the more subscribers you have, the more you (your profile) inspire confidence, the more authoritative you will look in the eyes of others. Here the simple psychology of a person who thinks that a "bad" person ("profile", project) cannot have a large number of subscribers - as a dishonest businessman, etc. "works". pretty quickly exposed.

Thirdly, "TOP of the best users" is ranked on social networks. Nobody knows exactly how Facebook algorithms work (this is a commercial secret), but it is not difficult to assume that the more subscribers you have, and the more likes and comments your posts have, the higher your position in the search ranking not only in Facebook itself, but and on the Internet in search engines (including on the topic of the post). And consequently, the more your publications will see, the more she will be interested, the more coverage will be ("viral marketing" will start to operate) and the more people will subscribe to your profile.

It is better to take subscriptions from trusted sites.Therefore buying likes for facebook page

So at the initial stage of growing the number of subscribers, this is the most important goal.

Currently, the average "organic reach" of company pages is between 0.02 and 1.5% (depending on the quality of the content, whether the file is uploaded directly or has a link (minimum reach if there is a link from a third-party site (outside of Facebook)). personal profiles "organic reach" can reach 3 and even 10%! That is, for example, the publication of a business page with 100,000 subscribers, without paid promotion, can be seen from 200 to 1,500 subscribers. Publication from a personal profile with 100,000 subscribers can see 10,000 subscribers! Obviously promotion through personal profiles is also more profitable for companies. Also, the mechanism of "word of mouth" is often used - when "profiles" advertise brands (It should be noted that in the last 2 years this advertisement has also started to cause rejection, but still it is less than direct imposed advertising).

When promoting your profile, you should always remember that getting a large number of subscribers is one of the tasks. But in order for the profile (personal page) to be popular, so that previously recruited subscribers are not unsubscribed (not deleted), it is necessary to create interesting and high-quality content. As a rule, the TOP of the best users includes those profiles that contain unique content: photos, text, video materials.Therefore buying likes for facebook page only on trusted sites!

You should always keep only your real account! In social networks, sometimes there are personal pages in which information from TOP profiles is copied and passed off as the original, but such a "promotion" can make it popular only for a short time. And if a fake profile of a famous person is issued as the original, then this profile will be blocked very quickly.

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